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An Electronic Reflection on Experiences and Learnings Gained Through the Masters of Science in Educational Technology












  The Master of Science in Educational Technology (MSET) is an instructional technology program designed to meet the rapidly increasing demand for educators who are trained to integrate computer technologies into the curriculum and instruction...      
    --MSET Defined
So begins the program description for the Maters of Science in Educational Technology at Dakota State Univiersity. This program does much more than the words above imply. The MSET program forces one to do the following:
Revise one's philosophy of education
Take on new challenges in the realm of curriculum and instructional design
Become more of a leader in educational reform
Acquire new knowledge and skills in the area of educational leadership
Develop a keen awareness of what educational programs should be expected to do for students
The contents of this portfolio, accessed by the main navigation bar, represent the knowledge and skills I have gained while participating in the MSET program.
The page linked to the Philosophy button illustrates how my views of education (How to design educational experiences, the ways in which various students learn, etc...) have either been altered or strengthened due to the experiences had in the MSET program.    
The Leadership page provides samples of my work completed in the MSET program focused on developing systemic change through problem solving strategies and effective program evaluation. More importantly, I have provided documentation from my work as a federal technology challenge grant Project Director. It is this documentation that provides proof that the skills, information, and processes that students in the MSET program acquire can--and will--be put to practical use in the area of educational improvement.
When visiting the Distance Education portion of this site, one will be able to see samples of projects and research designed to provide MSET students with the skills and knowledge of teaching and learning in the distance education arena.
The final portion of this portfolio I would like to highlight is the Instructional Design area. Here visitors can find infomation on what an MSET participant can expect as far as learning how to construct curriculum is concerned.